Bridging the gap between design education and the creative industry.

At Alumi, we connect design students with alumni mentors to allow students to have an easier time transitioning to the creative industry.
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Connect with mentors

Wishing to hear from alumni who have the already working in the creative industry for their career experience, but scared of cold reach out?
We got you! No need to worry about having “no” as the answer to your LinkedIn cold reach out message - all of our alum n i mentors are hoping to connect with you and share about their experience. Book a time directly or mention you're from the alumni community when sending a message :)
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Join free events

We regularly host free events to help you better prepared for entering the industry 😉 These events range from teaching networking skills to providing feedback on portfolios. We also invite mentors to share their experiences on how they started their careers.
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📄 Resume Clinic

Oct 13, 2022
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🎓 How to get your first design job out of school

Aug 04, 2023
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🍃 Alumi Summer Picnic

June 10, 2023

Become an Alumi mentor & Speaker

Are you a graduate currently working in the creative industry, and hoping to give back to the community? Become an “Alumi” today, join the flexible mentorship activities, discover talents for your next hire, or connect with other creative professionals!
Interested to speak at an event? Shot us an email
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